Monday, 14 March 2011

The Hounsome Bird Observatory

From time to time we Cardiff Ringers like to cross the River Severn and visit our hallowed brethren in the West Country. Usually this involves catching up with the peeps of the Radipole Ringing Group for a showdown with coots, mallards and occasionally swans, or perhaps a visit to the Portland Obs.

However, this time we made a migration to the West Country to visit our Uncle Mike at his fantastic house in Honiton, Devon. “Observatory” rather than “garden” may befit a site where you can more than comfortably erect six nets and still maintain a functional garden. We’ll just mention the few acres of daffodil paddock in passing.

And low the Cardiff Ringers did decree that, from hence forth, Hoopers Farm shall be known as the Hounsome Bird Observatory.

After rain on Saturday, the sun shining (metaphorically) on Sunday morning was a joyous sight for blurry eyed ringers. The nets were unfurled and we didn’t have to wait long for the early morning customers.
 Adopted by the Cardiff Ringers, Prince Albert
shows off his extraction skills at net 4

The Hounsome Obs is a mecca for both resident and more travelled siskins. Even the tits were out numbered by the finch. Being able to process a good number of one species, especially one that you’re not familiar with, is an experience not to be baulked at. Blackbird, nuthatch, coal, great, blue and long tailed tit, green, chaff, and goldfinch, and great spotted woodpecker and even a pheasant all graced the nets. 
The Bright Light of Knowlegde shines as a Cardiff A-Permit
on all he knows to a trainee - the light went out quickly

However, if siskin won species of the day, then bird of the day went to another of Hounsome Obs specialities – Marsh Tit. Not a species encountered by the Cardiff Ringers.

Accept it, its a Marsh Tit

Sadly the sunshine became more literal, and the birds became less and less frequent so, having caught and processed 85 birds we decided to call it a day and eat some pizza before driving home.

The Cardiff Ringers would like to say a huge thank you to our host for the Weekend, Dr M V Hounsome.

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  1. 85? Sounds like a challenge!!

    Well done guys, loving the blog!

    Tim H