Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Controls and Recoveries

It is a joy for ringers to open their email inbox to read 'BTO- Ringing Recovery Report' in the subject line. I am happy to announce that we have had a new batch of controls and recoveries from the BTO headquarters.

Allow me to introduce N680908, caught by the group in August 2010 in Cardiff Bay. This Sedge Warbler was ringed as a juvenile in Salburua-Betono, Vitoria, Alava, Spain in August 2008.
Time between capture was 732 days and a  distance of 957 km..
We hope to see you once again in Cardiff this August.

The Sedge Warbler appearing in this post is for padding-out purposes only. Any resemblance to N680908 is purely coincidental..

Next, we pay our respects to the passing of W28502, the Mute Swan that taught us that not all of the Cosmeston herd are sluggards. This worthy specimen was ringed in November 2009 as a helpless Cygnet. 417 days later and 31 km to the west, this bird met its match on Merthyr Mawr in the cold weather. May you rest in one piece.

And finally, of the same clan as the previous Swan, W28929. This Swan was ringed in June 2010 as a second year. Following a bit of trouble with some snagged vegetation, this bird was picked up in St Mellons in January this year. We all wish you a speedy recovery and will dole out a handful of poultry corn for your trouble the next time we see you in Cosmeston.    

Many Thanks to the finders for submitting the Swan ring info to the BTO.

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