Monday, 24 June 2013

Progress At Coed Y Bedw

Following several sorties to Coed Y Bedw by members by Cardiff Bird Ringers good progress is being made with the site

The site has in excess of 100 plus boxes which have been put out by volunteer staff over the last couple of years, this years occupancy of the boxes have been the usual suspects Blue / Great Tits, Nuthatch which have recently fledged &  Common Redstart also recently fledged.

The first full day visit was conducted by members of the Cardiff Ringers on 26th May 2013 with checked boxes showing an occupancy rate of 69%

The second full day was conducted on 28th May 2013 with different boxes being visited the occupancy rate of these boxes was 70%

Whilst visiting a nest box on 26th May 2013 the below was found, a possible Redstart egg amongst Blue Tits eggs

A further visit tonight and this was witnessed

A Common Redstart with A Brood of 5 Blue Tits

Monday, 3 June 2013

Colour Ring Sightings Welcome

Many Thanks to Andy Burns who got in touch with this fantastic shot of a colour ringed reed warbler.

Reed Warbler with colourful 'shackles'

This bird was ringed as an adult last year and was one of 446 reed warblers ringed in our monitoring sites in 2012. For more information about our colour-ring projects or if you want to see our general monitoring results please get in touch.
All our monitoring data is submitted to the British Trust for Ornithology and the Harbour Authority and is used to inform management at the reserve.