Monday, 21 March 2011

CBWR and World Sparrow Day

Of all our sites we are most unashamedly proud of  the Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve; the site where many of us were taught our trade, experienced “big mornings” where warblers just kept on coming, and learnt the affects of repeated early mornings and late nights on the human psyche; it’s not pretty but there again nor are we.

Sunday saw 2011’s inaugural visit to the CBWR – a chance to ensure the nets still fit and for the supervising members of the Cardiff Ringer’s to chew the cud over the running of the site in the coming season and scoff several bacon sandwiches. Considering it was the middle of March we had a good session with over 30 birds caught including several migrant and resident warblers, with a new Mute Swan (only the second to be ringed there) being the biggest bird of the day.

An image of something appropriate may or may not be inserted here.

As Sunday was World Sparrow Day the group’s two newest gazetted A permits decided a fitting celebration of such a day would be to spend the afternoon pitting their wits against the humble House Sparrow in one of its strong holds – an urban Cardiff garden.

And possibly here if we can find more than one. 

Nets were unfurled to no avail. It turns out that House Sparrow are harder to out wit than envisaged, or their collective wit is more than that of two particular A permits, who despite their efforts failed to catch anything that afternoon.

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