Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Reedbed Fever!

I dont know why it excites me so much,  but everytime I walk past a reedbed -which is a lot- I have to stand and listen for ten minutes- just to check.
I did the same this morning- at 5:20am, while my heart filled with joy, my heart dropped because...they're back!
Larry. He was pleased to see me too

Monday, 15 April 2013


It was a case of Cardiff Ringers to the rescue today. Pliers Morris (bad ass ringer on weekends but by day a mild mannered librarian at the University of South Wales) called to say that a Pied Wagtail had found its way into his booked domain and was largely being ignored by students, and was refusing to leave until it had caused a scene.
Cue the Cardiff Ringers! Our mission to liberate Mr Wag to somewhere people would actually enjoy seeing it. Armed with a mist net and a bit of persuasion (Facey with a pole) it was mere moments before the 'wag was caught and released. These moments were of course filled with twitters of delight as students realised something was happening as we ushered the 'wag to liberation.