Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Good Start to the Day

As a group we have been targeting the Rock Pipits along the strandline surrounding the bay for some years now. We have observed many interesting behavioural traits and have tried to adjust our efforts accordingly. We know for instance that they dont like spring traps, nor do they like inactive mealworm, nor do they like very cold mornings, nor do they like humans; In short, we know quite a bit about what they dont like. This journey of learning is ongoing- and like many of the species we target, we are yet to catch a Rock Pipit.

As grateful followers of the church of Svensson and Baker, we try to think of these failures as opportunities to learn and improve....and on occasion we are graced with good fortune and yeild a valuable bycatch.

A fine exampe of an Adult Male Black Redstart.

We have seen solitary Black Redstarts at the end of the barriage off and on for the last couple of years-typically before and after passage and so far they have not been at all interested in our ringing scheme at the Bay. 

We are happy to welcome another member of the Phoenicuros genus to our ringing log, may you travel far and be recaptured (uninjured) by a member of the conservation community (and your ring number submitted to the BTO etc). 

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