Friday, 30 September 2011

That Groppa

It almost goes without saying that The Cardiff Ringers are basically The A-team of the ringing world.
Let me explain...

Both consist of highly decorated renegades that appear to be wild and out of control but in fact have a deeply ingrained inner discipline and respect a military-like command structure.

Both always act on the side of the good and help the oppressed.

They both have Leuitenants with the callname 'Face'.

need I say more?

But the main way that they are akin to the A team is that they are available for hire as soldiers of fortune.

It was on one of these commissions that 'B.A. (Bearded Acrocephalus) Baracus Vafidis was out helping the good of Cardiff University and the oppressed of the Wildlife Trust, that he liberated this little traveller caught in a commie net- in desperate need of a ring on its leg and immediate enlistment into the BTO database. He took pity on the bird and obliged him his requests.

I love it when a plan comes together etc.
Mission Succesfull (obviously).

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