Sunday, 4 September 2011

Another Bonanza at the Bay

Gilbert White obviously had something to say about Spotted Flycatchers but he failed to mention that they are like buses; they all show up at once! Two Spofl and a gropper (4th for the site) were joint birds of the day among the 162 birds caught at Cardiff Bay on Sunday, with the weekend total close to 200!

Sunday's mammoth session had been billed as a "quick session" but the birds kept on coming; mainly Chiffs and Willwas but with good numbers of Sedgies thrown in for good measure. Surprisingly, despite being one of our best days this year, we didn't turn up any controls. But we do hope that some of "our" birds from today grace the nets of others or otherwise turn up to be reported from far flung places.

A technical tip: we have found that playing "Ride a White Swan" by T-Rex on the way to a ringing session greatly increases the chances of a good session. Cause and effect or just plain old coincidence?

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