Sunday, 11 September 2011

Slow September

September at first seemed full of promise. The 162 bird session down the bay had us looking forward to masses of migrants. But noooo the Gods of Ringing seem to have decided that wind and rain should be the order of the day. To date we've managed naff all in the way of ringing at the bay. In fact naff all of any ringing. Our pliers may begin to cease.

Saturday we took advantage of the lack of rain, and headed to the stables to ring one of the last broods of the year; four more swallow chicks to add to the database. We also took the opportunity to catch some recent fledglings and adults that have finished breeding. Not expecting much in the way of new birds we were surprised to catch a new adult swallow entering the stable of a known pair. Even more surprising was finding that this particularly bird had started its body moult. He/She was probably prospecting for a nice place to breed next year. The experience was also a new one for Billy Whizz who not only got to ring his first swallow pulli but also his first experience of nest mites! We know how to spoil our trainees...

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