Monday, 26 September 2011

The Weekend

The sessions down the bay on Friday and Saturday between them totaled around the 50 bird mark, with Chiffs making up the majority of the catches.

The steady trickle of birds was at an ideal pace for the trainee's, especially for our newest addition, Anthony Hallam. Anthony, or Thon, has just moved back to Wales having completed an MSc and where he was training to ring. Despite being a veggie and T-total we can vouch that he is actually a ringer.

If the trickle of summer migrants through the bay wasn't reminder enough of the coming winter, then a visit to the stables to count roosting swallows was. Only two birds, 1 adult male and a juv appear to be all that's left of this year's breeders and offspring. Until next year our fork-tailed friends.

Speaking of swallows. We had another bash at a swallow roost on Sunday resulting in a bumper catch of 1 reed bunting, 1 blue tit and 1 sedge warbler. Our waterfowl catching was somewhat hampered by the sheer quantity of bread being fed to the the quackers on what turned out to be a Sunny Sunday.

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