Monday, 3 October 2011

The Weekend

While Dr O slept off the excess of the previous night's celebrations after handing in his PhD Thesis, Billy Whizz, Lady Morgan, Thon and Facey headed to the bay on Saturday for what would be a very quiet morning. It was slower than the 15 black slugs counted on the track. Combined. Slower than Facey's congnitive abilities without coffee.

We ended with the details of a mere 13 birds gracing the notebook. Only two proper migrants, chiffs of course, were in the mix. Lots of blue and great tits... We did catch three blabi at once (This was highlight...) which were likely to be birds moving through. Bird of the day was awarded to a Cetti's, although it would have gone to the male sparrowhawk that graced our net but decided that it would save collecting its unquiely numbered braclet for another day... perhaps he will bring his girlfriend with him next time? "Blackcap my dear and oh look, this bearded gentlemen has brought the ring I ordered for you..." A fly over house martin was unexpected.

Sunday saw CJ at Forest Farm where he had more success Amoung the 23 bird he caught a nice little treecreeper. Bird of the day definitely went to the sole Nuthatch of the session - CJ's first!

A spot of spring trapping around the county, particularly on Sully Island, resulted in one frustrated ringer.

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