Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Recovery News Special – Montagu’s Harrier!

Now we know some of you read that and got very excited but don’t be silly, when would we get to ring one of those?

Back in the 17 March this year, Dr O was busying himself collecting data for his PhD* at Dagana, Senegal. For some reason he let his attention stray from his studies and caught sight of a wing tagged Montagu’s Harrier. And low he did report it. (Well, after much trying to find out whom to report it too. Eventually he tracked down the bird’s tagger.)

EA644499 was ringed as a chick on 28-june-2007, at Le Clos Brien, 49, France. 993 days and 3717.8 kilometres later she was spotted by Dr O in Senegal. Birds eh? Got to love them

*entitled “Fings I likes about Wheatears by Adam Seward aged 33” and due to be handed in this week. As one of the group finishes a PhD, another starts one - circle of life people, circle of life.

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