Monday, 19 September 2011

Quick update

The weather over the weekend wasn’t exactly conducive to the activity of ringing. Lie-ins were had. Wrynecks were seen. The weather cleared in the evenings and so it was to Cossie we went in search of roosting swallows. And boy were we successful:

Of course that wasn’t our catch at Cosmeston – where the hell do you think we’re based?

We had success by our measures in that, we went out to catch roosting swallows and that is what we caught… 3 in total…and 9 sand martins. That Is Success.

While we were waiting for the nets to err… ahem… fill, we kicked off the waterfowl season, ringing six mallard.

Earlier in the week, we had another bash for chiffies at the stables. They were thin on the ground but it wasn’t all bad.   

Ooo Pretty like

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