Thursday, 9 June 2011

Swan Roll Call

In the interests of keeping track of the 'Cosmeston Cygnus Community' we try to record the rings of swans at the lake edge whenever we are around. Although I am very proud to claim that I've been present for every swan ringing session at Cosmeston, this does come at a cost. The cost is that most of the old birds know my face- and will shift out of my reach when ever I emerge from the car park (I also get a chorus of dissaproving quacks from the ducks). This also means that only the unringed birds are left standing on the lake edge pecking at the corn I have just thrown- probably wondering why everyone else isnt cashing in on the free food from the nice bearded man. Luckily this was the case today.

Needless to say, there are a few more swans that wont be tempted by my handfull of corn again (at least for a while). Todays' grab included the Alpha Cob of the lake- who wasnt particularly pleased about being shown up infront of his peers.

We also got a few ring numbers from some older friends.

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