Friday, 3 June 2011

Crouching Ringer, Hidden Nightjar

Let us first review the positives:
  1. A stunning sunset (from argueably the best viewpoint in south Wales) was enjoyed by a group of friends (accompanied by gourmet chillie pasties)
  2. We got some (more) practice putting up nets.
  3. A new willow warbler and blackbird have been added to the national ringing database
  4. We got the opportunity to observe the ringing skills of the most illustrious curator of vertebrate zoology currently active in Wales
  5. We confirmed that Nightjars are still breeding in Ruperra
Now for the negatives:
  1. We didnt catch a nightjar
  2. I lay in a dogs poo

Within minutes, the blackbird was sexed, winged, weighed and

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