Friday, 24 June 2011


Today was very much about swallows with the first catch at the Bute Park Nursery. With the able assistance of Rachel Smith two more female swallows have been blinged up for science. The first was an easy catch. Number two and her mate gave us the run a round. Perching on top of the green house opposite the shed that contained their nest, they watched us intently as we got the net up. Although they did fly near the net, this morning's glorious sun lit it up like the City Centre at Christmas. We moved the net inside of the open fronted shed (yes I am aware this would have been the most sensible option to start with), resisted the urge to hot wire the forklift truck and sat back. 50 minutes later lady was in a bird bag. With mister refusing to go in we called it a day to enjoy coffee and muffins.

After doing the nest checks on the swallows at the stables this evening, I decided a quick check on the house sparrow terraces (never been used by the species) would be a good idea. The wasps gave out three reminders that the polite thing to do is to check the notebook to see which compartment they were using

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