Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Ring Reading at Roath Park

Armed with corn, cameras, binoculars, notebook and a Feast each, James and I headed off to Roath Park Lake yesterday evening for some ring reading. We’ve had a few of our swans recovered there but this time we were looking for individuals with a little more life in them.

We didn’t have to wait long before we notched up two of our swans with a few other ringed birds playing hard to get. The proverbial flake and chocolate sauce on the Mr Whippy was, however, the other birds.

We’ll of course put these through the official channels but if you know of, or can lay claim to any of these then please let us know here or email us on

Greylag Goose – 5231223

Greylag Goose – 523112 with White DARVIC on right; KK6 (in black)

Mute Swan – W20092 with Orange DARVIC on left; S92 (in black)

We also spotted lesser black backed gull Blue DARVIC F1L (white) which we've asked the Gull Guru Brian Bailey about. Also known as BTO metal ring FH09207 he/she was ringed as an adult on Flat Holm and has been seen once or twice since then:

13/05/08 FLAT HOLM ISLAND, Cardiff
14/05/09 CARDIFF (14 km, NNW, 1 yr 1day)
03/04/10 CARDIFF (14 km, NNW, 1 yr 325days)
25/07/10 Roath, Cardiff (16 km, NNW, 2 yrs 73days)
04/04/11 CARDIFF (16 km, NNW, 2 yrs 326days)
21/06/11 Roath, Cardiff (16 km, NNW, 3 yrs 39days)

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