Sunday, 17 July 2011

But its nothing like train spotting...

When the wind and rain prevent any sort of 'proper' ringing activity, its a good time to spend some 'quality time' with members of your own family. And what better activity to share with one's pregnant sister than to go ring reading at Roath Park Lake. Its a valid day out isnt it?

After I insisted she pay for my icecream- I set my dear sister on the task of hunting down ringed quacker types. I would like to say she had the same attention span and hunger for these activities as I, I can however comment on her ability to chase formerly slumbering swans into the lake before we could get a good look at there legs.

I often wonder what the local muggles think of the strange man taking photos of geese feet in their park, I cant imagine they put me in the same box as trainspotters..its nothing like trainspotting..ahem.

The ringed swan devision were either not in attendance or in the safety of the mid-lake zone- well away from the guy paying a bit too much attention to their legware.

The Llanwern Greylag regulars were in:
RBWN(B6L)  5231126
RBWN(KK6) 5231112
RBWN(FV6)  5255656

Yes I do need to get a life.

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  1. Thanks to Richard Clarke at Goldcliff Ringing group for the ringing info