Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Mallard Maddness

It’s been a few weeks since Charlie Owen of the Environment Agency called to say that a female mallard had raised four ducklings in the EA office’s “quad” and asked if I would like to ring them. “Hells Yeah!” was the obvious reply but at the time they were too small. Well this week the mallards came of age.

A Quack Squad from the CCW massive, who make base across the road from the EA, were assembled for the great catch; Pikey Nick, Bobby B and Princess Hatuqa, with Ambassador Owen (who spent most of the time trying to hide out of sheer embarrassment) arrived, net in hand.

Mummy Mallard, decided the best place was to watch the action was from the roof; next time my lady, next time. The next half hour was spent searching the bushes ducklings ...

Just one or two hiding places...

A frustrated ringer faces Thetford and prays to the Gods of Ringing.
The ducks breed at the EA most years, hence the paddling pool.


The Quack Squad plus duckling.

The final score? Of course we got all four.

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