Friday, 8 July 2011

Good Things Come to Those That Wait

A few recoveries and controls have filtered back to us of late.

Way back in the dawn of the nineties and naughties, when the BTO was just a three letter acronym for certain Cardiff Ringers, the great and, perhaps, good of the Bull and Morgan Ringing Partnership did a fair bit of ringing down in Dorset. The site “Tidmor” is now run by a Mr I Dodd who on the 26 April of this year caught a female blackbird ringed by the partnership in April of 2003. As she was an age code 6 when she was originally ringed she is knocking a bit now! You go girl!

Two other reports come from more well travelled birds and ably demonstrate how slowly the wheels of international data sharing turn.

Back on 7 August 2009 we caught and ringed an adult sedge warbler.  By 11 August 2009 V845584 had travelled the 467km to Tour aux Moutons, Loire-Altantique, France. Not bad going for a bird weighing just shy of 12 grams.

Also originally ringed at the bay was V845410, ringed as a first year on 12 July 2009.  31 days later, having travelled 729km, V845410 was caught at Ile Novelle, Gironde, France on 13 August 2009. The area obviously appealed to this intrepid young explorer for it was re-caught at the same place four days later.

And two years or so after these movements, we found out about them… Nice going France.

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