Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Baconless Bay Bonanza

Despite a strong breeze and grey sky the bay was as lovely this morning as ever it has been. This had more to do with the fact that the place was hopping with birds.

By the time the nets were closed the details of 71 (52 new, 19 retraps) birds had been neatly transcribed into the notebook.

Among today’s customers were 29 reed warblers, mainly juvies. A few showed obvious fault bars but a couple of today’s reewa juvies had some really interesting lines to show off.


 A young dispersing Kingfisher also graced our company. This proved to be the first that CJ has extracted that wasn’t caught in a wader net, and the first he could process in the light of the morning.

We also caught one of these:

Name the subspecies (no, not you CJ or Dr O) and
you may, just may win a prize.

Don’t be daft!  We just had good old fashioned troglodytes.

The morning, however, was nearly called off when it was discovered, much to the dismay of the ringers present, that the gas bottle didn't fit the attachment of the camping stove. Imagine ringing without a bacon buttie... In this day and age!Luckily emergency snicker and pan au chocolate rations were brought into play. Phew!


  1. Ha ha! hirtensis

  2. Correct but if only you used your name you may have had a pet hirtensis now...