Monday, 4 July 2011

The Week that Was

Collectively we have been out and about with pliers in hand over the last week.

There was an early morning outing to Padwan Shewring’s gaff which scored nicely with 27 birds now possessing rings – among them 1 jackdaw and 6 house sparrows. Ringing at another garden had similar results, give or take 24 birds, with a blackbird and two house sparrows.

The inaugural visit to the ambulance station at Blackwier resulted in 8 swallows; 5 (out of a possible 6) adults and three out of three juvs were.

A trip to the bay saw 60, that’s sixty, birds being caught. The bulk of the morning was made up of juvenile reed and sedge warblers with a couple of chiffs and willow warblers thrown in for good measure. This particularly bird took the mantel of bird of the day:

Next a trip to one of our woodland sites, just for the hell of it, resulted in among others, blackcap and a good number of wrens – joy.

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