Monday, 23 May 2011

Over the Weekend

Saturday saw another early morning to catch migrant warblers at the bay. Although the morning was fruitful for ringing, with 25 birds caught, two early mornings in a row proved too much for one of the party:

Dr Oenanthe takes a break - students eh!

We found this fella in the grass near one of our rides - as the critter was damp and in shade we moved it to base camp where it could get a bit of sun. As it has a massive blob of puss on its side we think it got to our ride by way of one of the days customers.

Edit: We've be reliably informed its a poplar or Eyed hawkmoth

Sunday's weather could be descirbed as "blowing a frickin' hooely", so mist netting was out of the question. We did manage to ring what we assumed would be the last of the tit broods at the stables, only to find a late laying female on eggs. Hey ho!

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  1. Hi, I might be wrong but I think the moth you've got there could be Eyed Hawkmoth due the dark marking on the head and the dot on the hind wing, enjoying the blog, all the best. Al.