Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Recoveries Round up: Small birdies

Recoveries are somewhat like buses; no they don’t have passengers but do seem to come in a glut. Our latest batch comprised movement of the flappy ones both great and small. Here is a round up for the smaller variety:

X612771, a first year SEDWA, was ringed down the Bay at the 30 July last year. 4 days and 276km later it was re-caught at Ickelsham, having lost about a gram in the meantime.

X962333, a first year REEWA, was ringed at the Bay on August 25 last year. Within 3 days, and a mere 41km, X962333 was caught at Chew Valley Lake; in that time it had gained 1.1g which is nice.

X962584 was an adult Goldfinch ringed at Cardiff Bay (see the pattern here?) on 5 November 2011. Fast forwarding 129days year, she was next recorded on March 13 of this year at Market Lavington, Wiltshire (86km away). Wiltshire turned out to be a bit of a pane for our girl; having hit a window she was found with a terminal case of the deads.

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