Saturday, 7 April 2012

Great Odin's ravens!

What better way to spend a bank holiday Friday than by nest finding/monitoring and pulli ringing with ASBO Howells (voted Ebbw Vale's top nest finder three years in a row, apparently), Poppa Howells and Monkey Man Griffiths? Especially when it involves these blighters:

Five Raven chicks (or as Monkey Man described them "little big f***ers") ringed,
bring the Partnerships Raven total to... well, five... (their feet are huge!)

Monkey Man Griffiths can just be seen behind the
tree that supports the nest, while ASBO and Facey
get ready to bling some ravens, Ebbw Style. 

A reasonably intelligent look; from the Raven!

ASBO's face says it all; excellent day's ringing with a
top bird. Ravens chicks are pudgy little buggers!

Photos courtesy of Gary Howells

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