Saturday, 14 April 2012

Raven Mad...

With crap weather for mist netting we opted for more raven ringing today. In the absence of Monkey Man Griffiths, ASBO had to do the climbing. The tree would have offered no challenge to him on a good day but sods law is sods law and as we arrived at the nest, so did the sleet. CJ, Twinkle Toes Hallam, Facey and Lozzer offered "encouragement" as they watched ASBO Howells (or Little Rich as he is more politely known) do a blinding job of scrabbling up the slippery tree. Four more raven chicks were literally but briefly in the bag before being returned to the nest wearing rings.


Two newly fledged raven ringers

Corvus quarto; they smell like off lamb

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