Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Coming to Coots Near You!

As it fits in nicely with one of our on going projects in South Wales, we couldn't resist the opportunity to become involved in a nation-wide project (set up and co-ordinated by Kane Brides) looking at the movements of coots across the UK.

As the project involves field sightings of coots, it was with great glee that we took delivery of 100 of these this morning!

As these will soon be adorning coots in South Wales we're starting our plea for sightings early. If you do see a davric (he means Darvic - Ed.) wearing coot, please let us know at cardiffringers@yahoo.co.uk


  1. OOOHHHH he is such a happy bunny!!! Looking foward to see you catching 100 coots! Good luck!

  2. I suspect this all just a complicated excuse for Rich to go out and buy some more tubes of solvent adhesive.