Monday, 7 November 2011

Run of Redpolls

Saturday's visit to the bay resulted in a decent catch ; especially when compared to JOV's and Facey's effort the day before which only resulted in a tiddly catch of about 10 birds.

However, the Gods of Ringing must have been smiling for us on Saturday as the pages in CJ's notebook steadily filled to a grand total of 67 birds. Lesser Redpoll domintated the catch, as ya can see below, with Goldfinch and Blackbird taking second and third place respectively.

Blue Tit145
Cetti's Warbler011
Lesser Redpoll18119
Long-tailed Tit426
Reed Bunting101
Song Thrush022

The retrap Cetti's warbler left with a nice set of colour rings, ready to do its bit in unravelling the mysteries of its species over-wintering strategy.

CJ and JOV made a sterling effort of cutting two new rides; names have yet to be decided but Stanley and Livingstone were suggested.

Ti did blindingly well in not only ringing a robin but also correctly aging it too! While his dad, Billy Whizz, as normal scored top marks for his contribution to the session's shared snack rations; hopefully others will follow from Billy's example... hint, hint, hint.

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