Monday, 28 February 2011

High Hopes

Taking part in some medical experiments* recently meant that enough pennies had been earned to buy supplies to make a high net in the woods last Friday.

To get a weighted nylon leader line over a 7m high branch in a persistent shower takes a certain kind of patience and persistence. Failing that a stubborn and stupid streak that runs to the core will do.

After an hour of throwing said line in the vague direction of said branch the desired result was achieved and so began forty five minutes of attempting to raise a pulley and ropes, lowering them to untangle (and repeat several times) securing them top and bottom and getting the ropes to move freely though both top and bottom pulley. Then it was time to start all over again with the other branch for the other side of the net… Luckily, with lessons learnt (just) from the first, this only took 45 minutes in total.

Although a nice 40ft net was secured to these winching ropes, hanging fit to catch birds, some “tweaks” are needed but these will come soon enough.

A retrap robin and blackbird did grace a “normal” net and a field vole was spotted.

*there are assurances that the twitching, blurring vision and green urine will eventually subside.  

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