Monday, 21 February 2011

100 Swans

Last week saw the 100th ringed Mute Swan at Cosmeston Lakes and the end of the ‘Swan Season’ until next Winter. Once again we turn our attentions back to the proper birds that use their wings to take flight- rather than agressive displays against dogs and toddlers!  Although to be fair to the bread-eaters, over the last year we have recorded distances up to 32 Km from the lakes with sightings at the Knapp, Roath Park Lake, Cardiff Bay, Talygarn and Merthyr Mawr. Also the latest control data from the BTO revealed one of the Swans made a 95km journey from Abbotsbury in Dorset where it was ringed as a year 8 female in 2008 by WWT. Not bad for a Swan...

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