Sunday, 20 February 2011

Grey House Woods

A session at Grey House Woods in Cardiff on Friday resulted in little. Grey was the best word to describe the site and despite there being a lot of activity, the nets caught practically nothing; with only a retrap Blackbird and Blue Tit gracing them in the first hour. Things looked set to be taking a turn for the better when an hour later a Treecreeper was caught. It too turned out to be a retrap, the only Treecreeper we have only caught in the woods. The nets were taken down shortly afterwards.

Despite not being the best day we’ve had at the site, it was reassuring to see signs of spring. Bluebells and wild garlic are growing in profusion, as was lords and ladies. Nuthatch, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Chaffinch, various tits, Goldcrest and Dunnock were all calling and announcing their territories for the coming season. Shame they couldn’t announce it in the nets.

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