Thursday, 9 August 2012

Show time!

Yesterday, Facey made a quick dash across the border to into Gwentishshire to assist Dr V with a ringing demo at Magor Marsh for the Gwent Wildlife Trust (there almost as good as the WTSWW)

The nets remained worryingly empty on the run up to the start of the demo. But in the end the Gods of Ringing provided a good variety of species to show the assembled punters; Cetti's, Reed, and Willow Warbler, Blackcap, Chiffchaff, and Robin.
Dr V talks to the assembled muggles
 Magor Marsh is also home to some recently reintroduced watervoles. These weren't overly shy (for their species) and put on a good show. They are also incredibly noisy eaters; sound like someone eating celery.

The day didn't stop there and the evening saw Dr V and Facey trying their luck with House Martins; best described as a work in progress. Two swallows and four house martins later they retired four a couple of well earned pints and a much welcomed curry.

Almost as cute as a Swallow
One aspect of HOUMA's that people don't often appreciate
is how fluffy their feet and legs are. Anyone know why?

Another aspect is their parasites... Flat flies are possibly
among the ugliest creatures to crawl or fly or in fact breath.


  1. Re: feathered legs.

    All Delichon species exhibit this trait. I can't find any published information at the moment but I'd suggest that thermal insulation may be a reasonable explanation.


  2. Swallows and Sand Martins roost in reedbeds = unhairy feet. House Martins and Swifts roost at altitude = hairy feet.

    Draw your own conclusions but that's what I tell punters at ringing demos...

  3. Cheers both,

    Mark; that does make a lot of sense. Thanks!