Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Baby Barn Owls!

Yesterday evening, CJ and Facey made a dash over the border into Blaenau Gwentshire to help Roo and Steve Carter induct a brace of baby Barn Owls into the ringing scheme. Not just any Barn Owls but the progeny of one of the highest breeding pairs in Wales. Barn Owls have been hit pretty hard by this year's "summer" but judging by the large stash of voles in the box this pair seems to be finding enough to feed what's left of their brood.

Roo drew the short straw and got to get the birds out the box

Yeah, they were a long way up. Steve Carter, nest finder
extraordinaire, holds the ladder while  Facey shouts constructive
comments such as "Pellets! Don't forget some pellets! Pellets!"

One, two,three, Ahhh!
Roo with two cute, flat-fly infested, slightly
smelly, bundles of very cute fluff.

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