Thursday, 30 August 2012

Colourful Cardiff

As pillars of the scientific community, the Cardiff Ringers are always participating in studies beyond periodic population monitoring. Such a study, investigating the effects of climate change on wetland foodwebs, has kept the ringers busy- colour ringing Reed, Sedge and Cettis Warblers and collecting their 'fecal browns' for molecular analysis. Clever bunch eh.

One of the study participants (left below Pale Blue over Metal, right below Yellow over Black- Or 'Nigel 183') was recently captured on jpeg by a local bone collector and member of the Cardiff bird ringing fraternity named Pete. Thanks Pete.

Suffice to say, Nigel 183 isnt a fan of the Drifters

If you see any more of these colourful combinations- be sure to take note of the sequence and let us know!
Other sites include birds with set colours on their left leg- Cosmeston Lakes  with 'Lime' Green, Cadoxton with Orange and Kenfig with Pale Blue.

Ooh, Pete's been spotted!

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