Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A Wild(life Trust) Weekend

Saturday saw Facey and Vaf donning their teaching gear to run a workshop on survey and monitoring techniques for birds for the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales. Yes, those pair teaching people is a  scary thought.

Of course they couldn't resist adding in a ringing demo to the day's proceedings. While Vaf and Facey demonstrated the fine art of ringing and ageing blue tits, Twinkle Toes Hallam buzzed between the nets occasionally extracting something more than a blue tit, like a great tit... OK there was also great spotted woodpecker, nuthatch, house sparrows, a few chaffies and this lovely pair: 

What a load of bullfinch...
Blue tit 111

Attention class, we have a... great tit!

Thanks to Rob, Vaughn, Izzy and Carys at the Trust for inviting us to run the course and to all the participants; we hope you learnt something and had some fun too!

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