Sunday, 20 May 2012


Yesterday, Cardiff Bay proved to a be a productive little site with the details of 39 birds safely in CJ's notebook. The catch was dominated by reed and sedge warblers; always a pleasure to see these chaps. As the forecast was a little wrong, the 80 or so swifts knocking around the bay were flying low so TT and Facey wasted a good amount of time trying to flick them... Plenty of fresh air was caught. We did have a nice surprise with our bird of the day going to this fellow:
Spotted Flycatchers rock. Fact
A trainer enjoys a much needed cup of tea. Mainly to settle his nerves after
being told the SPOFL has brood patch... It didn't; the trainee in question was
 fined three cakes 

Rosie and CJ consult Svensson

Earlier in the week we had a vist from Iolo Williams and his crew who came to film us catching Blackbirds for his new series. We managed to catch one (our project 10th...) out of the half dozen or so of the little turdus that were present. But it was nice to get a Jay, Mistle Thrush and a brace of Treecreeper. Signed pictures of the Cardiff Ringers are available on request, and action figures will be available next year. (except that the Facey figure will in fact be inaction).

They say the camera adds ten pounds; how big is Facey going to look!?

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