Sunday, 13 May 2012

Another Euro-Sedgie

Saturday saw CJ, Billy Whizz and TT down the bay ending with a reasonable haul of about 30 birds which included another foreign control in the form of a French ringed Sedge Warbler; could be from France, could even be from West Africa... Time will tell.

And the boy got another hirundine tick, this time a lady Swallow that wasn't looking where she was going...

Meanwhile Vaf and Facey headed to Cadaxton for some PhD based ringing; sadly no controls but all bar two of the dozen birds caught were migrants.

Saturday afternoon comprised ringing some chickies with ASBO Howells, including four Bullfinch pulli.

Saturday evening saw Facey, Dr V and TT heading to the stables with the intention of recruiting more blackbirds to the project. An hour later one more blabi had joined the project with another bouncing... a welcome by-catch was three starlings. They also watched a Great Spotted Woodpecker 'inspecting' one of our new nest boxes.

Sunday, being a traditional rest saw Pastor Maldonado win the Spanish Grand Prix, Man City snatch the Premiership title in injury time, and the Swans stuff Liverpool to finish a magnificent 11th. Two broods were ringed.

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