Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wet Feet

Wellies proved to be inadequate for this morning's rather successful Dipper catch at Taf Fechan Reserve. Before we'd finished putting up the net we'd caught our first Dipper (new) and before we had time to ring it, we'd caught a new Grey Wagtail and three more Dippers; these were all retraps but caught all at once! 

Later we re-caught RT56123 who we caught last year in the same place. Back then she was a wee slip of a girl undergoing post-juv moult and was Gillian Dinsmore's first ever Dipper. Now she is sporting a brood patch and possibly on eggs; the Dipper, not Gillian.

Vaughn and Rob from the Wildlife Trust brought along some trail cameras which recorded some interesting behavioural differences in the Dipper Gang...

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