Monday, 18 April 2011

Recovery News

Another email with the subject heading “BTO - Ringing Recovery Report” popped into the inbox of the Cardiff Ringers recently, having been circulated by Master and Commander Bull. MC Bull had added a little missive to his forward which read “Bird ringed by yours truly”, so we knew it had to be a good one.

Back in November 2007 MC Bull caught a starling in his very own patch of suburbia. Three fat ladies later (that’s un-PC we know and means 888 days), starling LA54219 met its end in May of last year having hit a window.

Nothing usually there, apart from that the fact that this particular window happened to be 1748 km in Juodeikiai, Mazeikiai, Lithuania… Just goes to show that even the more familiar back garden birds have their stories to tell.

For the Cardiff Ringers, this recovery does resonate as many of us have ringed in Lithuania, or “Lithers”, monitoring migrants along the Curonian Spit.

LA54219 - Tu atėjai, tu matė, jūs skrido
(We are hoping that is does actually read “You came, you saw, you flew” in Lithuanian)

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