Saturday, 16 June 2012

Swallow Season so far

Despite the rain and the near constant grey skies it is in fact summer; no honestly it is. Its June. Summer of course means we get stuck in to the swallows at the stables. After a little delay, thanks to the weather, the breeding season has gotten underway with a bang.

Earlier this week Facey and the Holster headed to the stables to induct three broods into the Ringing Scheme. The Holster did a sterling job of scribing (considering Facey's anality when it comes to his notebook) and climbing ladders; not falling off once or doing any crossings out. She can come again.
The first brood to be ringed in 2012 is already down a sibling; tough season ahead?

A quick turn round the rest of the nests revealed a lot like these!

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