Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Bridging the gap between man and kestrel

Apart from the odd Sparrowhawk, we don't do many BoP's. So ringing a brood of kestrel chicks with Master Roo (aka ASBO Howells), was definitely the (bird related) highlight of the bank holiday.

The Kezzy family was nesting in a bridge, out of the reach of our ladder but who needs one of those when you have Monkey Man Griffiths to call on?

MMG extracting the kestrels; mummy kestrel gave him a boo boo for his troubles

Mummy Kestrel being inducted into the ringing scheme.
 She sat back tight on her young afterwards; excellent mother indeed!

Yeah, we know the only word to describe this kes chick is "cute".

Before the Kestrels we did check a load of Master Roos nest boxes which contained tits, redstarts and pied flycatchers eggs galore.

Go on, have a guess!

Master Roo having checked another box

Nestbox checking; its a grave affair.