Thursday, 23 February 2012

Senegal Expedition

Over the last six weeks, you may have noticed that blogosphere has a been a relatively calm, intelligible and a much less flippant place..needless to say contributions from the Cardiff Ringers have been thin on the ground. Literally tens of birds have avoided being ringed.

There was a reason for this neglect.

We have all heard of the places where birds go when they migrate for winter. A warm fruitful place, full of insects, dust, warthogs and malaria. We have all imagined what these places would look like, how they would smell and how we would feel when we saw our beloved migrants once more.

Allow me to tell you, these places exist. We saw them, we smelled it and we felt the feeling.

This was not a jolly- despite what your strongest instincts are yelling. It was serious science involving the cream of long distance migrant passerines, the humble, the magnificent, the sister Acrocephalus species, Reed and Sedge Warblers. It was a joy to see them in their winter grounds. The other dross (hirundines, waders, flamingos, pelicans) were also pretty good.

a short serious scientific video for your enjoyment.


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  1. Sounds/looks like a bit of science happened amidst all the fun - brilliant :)

    Oh, and thanks for putting that bleedin' Elvis track in my head all night!