Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year All!

Our first outing of 2012 was to catch coots at Cosmeston and by close of play we had managed three of them, and two swans. Catch success was hindered not only the birds being wary but by the weather. An ominous black cloud formed over the lakes with a flash of lightning signalling that thunder would soon arrive. When it did it not only made us jump but also scattered the birds! After that the hail set in and things went down hill; processing coots in a hailstorm is not an enjoyable experience.

CJ and Dr O process coot in the hail.

A Whooper Swan has been hanging around the lakes recently and this morning was in the mix with the mutes. It was catchable but as it was wearing a bring orange Darvic there would not have been much purpose to that! Apparently ringed in Worcestershire in 2010. You can see a selection of images of it here.

We'll post our 2011 totals soon.

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