Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Don't You Just Love It?

When a plan works (for once). Set a net for a Grey Wagtail, catch a Grey Wagtail.

Age and sex please you trainee types, and your reasons.

Also, re-trapped today, Blue Tit P408722, ringed 13-Mar-05, age code 5, making it about 7½ years old.  The oldest known from ringing records was aged 9 years 9 months 2 days (set in 1990)

 Update, OGC detail:


And it's a female, that's not a white stripe, just the top of the white throat area. If there was going to be any black male plumage it would have been visible by now.


  1. Male - Broad White Submustachial Stripe
    6 - No contrast between Greater Coverts / Primary Coverts

  2. I'm going to say adult female. Adult due to the apparently yellow breast and a lack of apparent contrast in the wing; female due to it lacking a black throat and perhaps the supercilium could be brighter.

  3. No Black Throat probably because its outside of summer

  4. And possibly because its a female in winter

  5. My gut (without reaching for a book, and without seeing any the hand for many years!) feeling is to 5 it because it looks like there's a moult limit in the greater covers with a few new inner ones. The outer ones look browner than the possibly replaced median coverts.