Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Born to be Wild

There are times when you lie awake at 2am, when you consider turning off the 05:30 alarm set with good intentions at 10:30 the previous evening. A well-reasoned arguement usually develops, outlining how tired you will be the following day, particularly when you are due to undertake an all night bat survey in Swansea...
Eventually you drift away, only to be woken 3 hours later by the chaos blurting out of your now hateful radio. Bleary-eyed and grumpy you stumble out into the light breeze and attempt to start the day...

...and what better way to start a day than to wade through the dew-soaked reeds of Cosmeston Lakes in the warmth of the late May sun?

Granted, no ringer looks at a net full of spinning blue tits with glee, nevertheless, after a weekend of high winds and bone-idleness- it is never-the-less a promising sight if not a particularly welcome one.

After 125 minutes, four net rounds and two strong coffees, Padawan Shewring and I finished 23 rings lighter. In this time we gifted alloy bracelets to a number of young blue tits, blackcaps, whitethroat, reed warbers, reed buntings and robins.

Now, I'm sure there was something I was supposed to do today....(yawn)

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