Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Eyes Have It

A very quiet morning at Cardiff Bay yesterday was very much a case of "quality over quantity". A meagre catch of the usual warblers was punctuated with a new Cetti's, a Kingfisher and a species we don't catch very often...

Ti looks on expectantly as Pliers removes the star of the morning from a bag...

Behold! A sparrowhawk! We catch these often but they
tend to leave the net before we get to them...

The eyes have it! You can't fail to be impressed by the eyes of a sparrowhawk.

Ti with our other star. Kingfishers are always impressive.


  1. Look at the talons on that Sparrowhawk! From Findlay

  2. Hi Findlay,

    The talons were rather big - I did feel for Wayne (Pliers) when the bird grabbed him!



  3. Nice! Also, I hate you. :)