Monday, 15 July 2013

Blackbird Curry

  • A RAS on the abundant and seemingly easy to catch Blackbird (other species can be substituted)
  • Friend with a project based on resighting colour ringed gulls

  • Take nets and struggle to catch blackbirds before missing season one target of 50 birds completely
  • Read Facebook comment by friend, when on 32 gulls, betting a curry on the fact that they will reach 50 gulls before you reach 50 blackbirds.
  • Fail to inform friend that blackbird total stands at 47 birds
  • Accept bet
  • Struggle to catch birds for 1 month until two more are caught
  • Watch as Blackbirds evade every net put up.
  • Read Facebook and twitter messages from friend as they make it into the forties
  • Colour ring gulls, thus making it easier for friend.
  • Read more comments; become concerned,
  • Check bank balance and look up reviews of curry houses
  • Catch 50th blackbird on a whim and sigh
  • Claim curry via blog post 
Never, we repeat never, has a blackbird been more welcome
HP - also known as 2 poppadoms with dips followed by Thai
green fish curry with a pashwari naan and two pints and
whatever Dr V is having.


  1. To make it fair, Ian can get the beers in.

  2. I'll take any consolation prize I can get :(

  3. Poor Rob! Don't worry, I'm sure Rich will buy you a Mars bar and perhaps a Costa ;)