Monday, 17 September 2012

Late news from last week

Last week was our September visit to catch Dippers and other watery birds at the WTSWW's Taf Fechan Reserve. We set up the net on what Sherpa Solman has christened "The Meander of Shame" in reference to our previous record of bugger all for that stretch of river. There was (some) method to our madness as the Meander of Shame is right next to some lovely hawthorn scrub which offered the chance to vary our catch.
In true CR style things didn't go exactly according to plan. Two Dippers flew toward the net as I was just making my way back across the channel, so they avoided us like the plague for the rest of the session. And of course the hive of activity in the hawthorn scrub dried up the moment the nets went up there.
We ended the day with two dippers and one each of Grey Wag, Robin and a Great Tit. Not exactly the bumper haul we were hoping for but nevertheless it was time well spent.

This little lady was the second of two dippers. A third, or
possibly this one again, bounced. She is very cute. The two
that arrived early were going downstream, the two we caught
were going up stream.

Its never a bad morning when one of these ends up in the net.

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