Monday, 16 April 2012

Blackbirds; The Beginning

Homer J Simpson once exclaimed “To Beer! The Cause of, and Solution to, All Life's Problems!”. We’d like to modify that to “To Beer! The reason behind, and Solution to, all of our hair brained schemes!”

With that in mind its pleasing to tell you about our latest venture; a blackbird colour ringing project with Ian Vaughan. The origin of this project is lost in time but evolved from several chats in the pub. Ian will tell you it was my (Facey's) fault but as Ian doesn’t have any editorial access to this blog I can categorically tell you it was all his doing.*

We’re trialling the project in Pontcanna fields with the intention of rolling it out to a greater distribution. It should make for an interesting RAS and the basis for a head long dive in to the study of the ecology of urban birds. If not… well mine's a pint of Cwrw Haf with a Penderyn chaser.

Sunday morning saw the project's inaugural outing. Normally a 10 bird catch would normally be bemoaned but on this occasion wasn't as it contained two of our target species; well it's a start.

Success by tiny tiny increments...
Dr V checking out the nifty colour ring of
the project's first BLABI.

If you do see any colour ringed blackbirds then drop us a line at; even if it is in the park!

*ignore all comments to that state otherwise

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