Thursday, 29 September 2011

All quiet on the netting front

The session at the Bay was quiet and slow this morning, with the combined totals for bluti's and greti's out numbering chiffs. In fact residents out numbered migrant species in our 16 bird catch; a sure sign that the summer migrant tap is soon to drip dry.

An atmospheric picture of a mist net to emphasis mood. We were going to say it
represented the sun setting on migration but that would be a load of existentialist crap*.
Besides, the picture was taken at dawn....

Here are some views from the end of one of the rides. As we said, it was a quiet morning. Lots of tits.

* (The early 19th century philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, posthumously regarded as the father of existentialism, maintained that the individual has the sole responsibility for giving one's own life meaning and with living life passionately and sincerely, in spite of many obstacles and distractions including despair, angst, absurdity, choice, boredom, trainees, and blue tits. (CJ -Ed.))

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